How Chiropractic Care Empowers C-Section Recovery In Colorado Springs CO

How Chiropractic Care Empowers C-Section Recovery In Colorado Springs CO

Chiropractic Colorado Springs C-Section Recovery

No matter how you do it, giving birth to a baby is a miracle. Mommas want to be sure that after they take their little one home, they’re giving them everything they need to thrive and grow! Contact our Colorado Springs CO chiropractic clinic today to learn more.

For some new mothers, welcoming your baby into this world means that a cesarean section (c-section) is part of the process. And just like the postpartum period will be different for your body if you have a c-section, it will be different for your baby too.

C-section births can be life-saving, but they can also lead to postpartum complications. If not treated, these complications can have long-term impacts. It’s why postpartum chiropractic is such an important part of the healing process for babies and moms and one we’re so passionate about providing here at True North Health Center!

Why Do Babies Need Chiropractic Care?

Babies born via c-section don’t get exposure to bacteria in the birth canal, which is essential for boosting their immune system and supporting a healthy gut. This puts them at increased risk for a weakened immune system, allergies, asthma, digestive problems, immune-related disorders and respiratory issues.

A c-section can also be a traumatic event for babies. The stress can cause an immediate activation of your baby’s sympathetic nervous system, leaving them in a “fight or flight” response mode. Tension and pressure placed on your baby’s head, neck, and shoulders can result in birth trauma, and the use of forceps or vacuum extraction can increase the risk of head, heck, and spinal injuries. This can lead to developmental delays, emotional issues, difficulty breastfeeding and sleeping, and chronic pain.

But we don’t want this to scare you! With proper treatment, any of these issues can be easily addressed! Chiropractic care starts with a thorough scan of your baby’s nervous system and spine to identify any areas of concern. Our safe, gentle, painless adjustments help to alleviate any effects of c-section. They decrease tension and pain, restore alignment, and promote healing and development for your baby's nervous systems, bodies, and emotional health.

Why Moms Need It Too In Colorado Springs CO

After a c-section, you don't get much time for healing before you have to jump into your role as a new mom. Any surgery takes a toll on your body, and the recovery process can be long and challenging.

Our chiropractic care helps to alleviate pain and discomfort, restore spinal alignment and nervous system balance, and promote healing within your body. Chiropractic adjustments also provide the support your body needs to help you heal faster, so you can focus on caring for your little one.

Next Steps

Many health problems don't manifest until later in life, even if the underlying issues are there. It's why we advise that after a c-section, you don't wait to take care of your recovery, and your baby's nervous system health. For your little one, it’s never too soon to start chiropractic care so you can gain confidence that you’re growing a healthy and happy baby.

All of our chiropractors are trained in The Gonstead Method, considered the golden standard in chiropractic care. They are also specifically certified to provide care to little ones as well. If you know a mom that just gave birth or you’re expecting a little one soon, our team would love to meet you, answer your questions, and help support your family with chiropractic care during this important and special season of life!


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