5 Components of the Gonstead technique


Our Colorado Springs Chiropractors specialize in one of the MOST ADVANCED, GENTLE, & SPECIFIC TECHNIQUES in chiropractic:
The Gonstead Method

Why make a decision concerning someone's health with anything less than ALL of the available information? Every patient deserves to have correlated analysis in their clinical picture to ensure the highest level of chiropractic care in Colorado Springs. This will ensure specificity and ultimately patient confidence in the doctor's ability with care.

Not one thing is certain which is why we use Visualization, Instrumentation, Palpation, X-Ray, and patient symptoms to determine the exact spot that we need to adjust a patient. When all of these correlate we are more likely to give the patient a specific adjustment. The greater the specificity, the greater the change we will notice in the patient's health. Dr. Gonstead noted that three adjustments on the wrong vertebral segment could cause a Subluxation; therefore it is extremely important to be as specific as possible.

  • Chiropractor Colorado Springs CO Taylor Logan Visualization


    Visualization is a way to cross-reference all the other findings. Your chiropractor is an expert in looking for subtle changes in your posture and the movement of each spinal segment.

  • Chiropractor Colorado Springs CO Joshua Logan Instrumentation


    The instrument of choice in the Gonstead Analysis is the Nervoscope. This instrument helps our doctor's know the specific areas of the spine where nerve irritation is taking place.

  • Chiropractor Colorado Springs CO Joshua Logan Static Palpation

    Static Palpation

    This is simply the process of feeling your spine in a non-moving position. Our chiropractors will feel for the presence of swelling, tenderness, and any abnormal texture or tightness of the muscles and other surrounding tissues of the spine.

  • Chiropractor Colorado Springs CO Taylor Logan Static Palpation

    Motion Palpation

    This process involves feeling the spine while in motion. This enables our chiropractors to determine how easily or difficult each segment in your spine moves in different ranges of motion.

  • Chiropractor Colorado Springs CO Taylor Logan X-Ray Analysis

    X-Ray Analysis

    Our on-site digital x-ray suite enables our doctors to visualize the entire structure of your spine. This is very important in evaluating specifically where spinal segments have misaligned in order for our doctors to know exactly how to gently re-align them and restore proper communication to your nervous system.

Utilizing these five criteria, we can locate where each and every one of these misalignments or subluxations are located. This allows us to administer a very gentle, specific, chiropractic adjustment realigning those bones back into proper position, taking pressure off the nerves, and restoring the communication from your brain to your body.

The results of this treatment provides more than just symptom relief, but optimal health over time. Giving the body time and repetition, we will see you reach your health goals, reduce stress and allow your body to heal from the INSIDE OUT.

Dr. Gonstead postulated that when the Parallel Disc relationship is compromised by vertebral misalignment the pivot point of the nucleus pulposus is compressed and puts pressure against the surrounding annular fibers damaging them.

This tissue damage creates an inflammatory response causing the disc to expand, and it is this expansion that puts pressure on the nerves in a given intervertebral foramen resulting in neurological dysfunction.

The Gonstead system says for this reason that subluxations begin at the disc, it is important to understand the stages of degeneration so as to visualize what adjusting direction and force must be applied for correction.

In the spine intervertebral discs act as both a protective cushion allowing for flexibility as well as a supportive coupling between vertebral bodies to ensure a normal and healthy range of motion.

The Nucleus Pulposus is the dense central mass that holds fluids and nutrients and functions as a pivot point or "ball bearing" during the movement of a vertebral couple. The Annulus Fibrosis is the outlying layers of fibrocartilage and collengenous fibers, much the "rings" observed in a cross-section of a tree trunk. The Annulus is anchored to the cartilaginous endplates of adjacent vertebral bodies.

Dr. Gonstead's Level Disc Theory states that "anatomically and physiologically normal discs will allow the vertebral bodies to assume their optimum relationships". This is observed when the vertical height of a vertebral couple is uniform 360º around with the vertebral bodies in line. This relationship is known as "Parallel Discs" and allows for equal weight-bearing, adequate nutrient supply, and optimal joint function and movement in the spine.


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