Our Mission

At True North Chiropractic our mission is to bring hope and freedom to our community’s health barriers so they are able to experience their True North through specific, neurologically-based chiropractic care.

Our Vision

We envision a community free of sickness and disease and full of health and vitality. A community that is able to focus less on themselves, but more on serving and empowering those around us. We believe that thriving people create thriving environments, and our mission is to remove physical barriers so you are able to fully thrive by living out your God given potential and purpose. With this vision we can shape the city of Colorado Springs, in turn shaping the state of Colorado, and ultimately shaping the entire Country.

what is the true north life?

Every person has a story. Every person has a calling. Every person has a purpose.

The True North Life is a journey to discover the life that you were created to live. A life full of health and vitality rather than sickness and disease. A life no longer defined by health barriers but instead enabled to thrive and flourish in your true passions. Our communities, cities, and families NEED YOU to be thriving and living the best version of yourself.

Let us partner with you on your journey to TRUE NORTH

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