Your First visit

We strive for you to feel at home the moment you walk through our doors.

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Step 1

Health Application: All new practice members are encouraged to complete a new practice member health application in order for our team to best serve your needs. You can save time and complete this application here before your first visit.

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Step 2

Office Tour: We want to show you our home and what we are all about! A quick tour will be given so you know where everything is and feel at home in our office. 

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Step 3

Consultation: A one-on-one consultation will take place where we dig deeper to discover your health challenges, your health goals, and explain exactly how we will get to the root cause of your health concerns and correct it at the source with specific chiropractic care.

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Step 4

The Specific Scientific Chiropractic Assessment: We will utilize our state of the art technology to get a direct representation of how your nervous system is functioning, where nerve interference is occurring, and how much stress is taking place within your body.

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Step 5

Specific Postural X-rays: Our final step of your initial visit is to take postural x-rays if our Doctor’s find that it is necessary.

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Step 6

New Practice Member Orientation: Following your first visit, our doctor’s will take you through our new practice member orientation where you will be educated more on chiropractic, true health, and the culture of our office. We will then individually review your neurological evaluation and x-ray findings from your assessment as well as discuss our doctor’s recommendations for care.

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Step 7

The Chiropractic Adjustment: After we have reviewed your personalized recommendations, you will have the opportunity to receive your first specific chiropractic adjustment and move in the direction towards TRUE HEALTH!

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